URL shortener and file dump for hashru.link https://hashru.link
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package rushlink
import (
bolt "go.etcd.io/bbolt"
const metricNamespace = "rushlink"
var metricRequestsTotalCounter = prometheus.NewCounterVec(prometheus.CounterOpts{
Namespace: metricNamespace,
Subsystem: "http",
Name: "requests_total",
Help: "How many HTTP requests processed, partitioned by status code and HTTP method.",
}, []string{"code", "method"})
func metricURLsTotal(database *db.Database) float64 {
var metric float64
if err := database.Bolt.View(func(tx *bolt.Tx) error {
bucket := tx.Bucket([]byte("pastes"))
if bucket == nil {
return errors.New("bucket 'pastes' could not be found")
metric = float64(bucket.Stats().KeyN)
return nil
}); err != nil {
log.Printf("error: %v", errors.Wrap(err, "fetching pastes_total metric"))
return 0
return metric
// StartMetricsServer starts sering Prometheus metrics exports on addr
func StartMetricsServer(addr string, database *db.Database, fs *db.FileStore) {
Namespace: metricNamespace,
Subsystem: "pastes",
Name: "urls_total",
Help: "The current amount of pastes in the database.",
}, func() float64 { return metricURLsTotal(database) }))
router := mux.NewRouter()
router.Handle("/metrics", promhttp.Handler()).Methods("GET")
srv := &http.Server{
Handler: router,
Addr: addr,
WriteTimeout: 15 * time.Second,
ReadTimeout: 15 * time.Second,