URL shortener and file dump for hashru.link https://hashru.link
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{{if and (ne .Paste.State.String "deleted") .CanDeleteBool}}
with delete token: {{.RootURL}}/{{.Paste.Key}}{{.FileExt}}?deleteToken={{.Paste.DeleteToken}}
{{else -}}
with delete token: <unknown>
{{end -}}type: {{.Paste.Type}}
state: {{.Paste.State}}
{{if .Paste.CreatedAt.IsZero -}}
created: unknown
{{else -}}
created: {{.Paste.CreatedAt}}
{{end -}}
delete token: {{.CanDeleteString}}
{{if and (ne .Paste.State.String "deleted") .CanDeleteBool}}
# To delete this {{.Paste.Type}}, execute:
curl --request "DELETE" "{{.RootURL}}/{{.Paste.Key}}{{.FileExt}}?deleteToken={{.Paste.DeleteToken}}"