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HashRU Pics

This is the development repository for the HashRU photo website. The CMS and its modules originate in Kabuki CMS, but have been extended and are maintained separately in this repository.


The Kabuki codebase requires the following PHP extensions to be enabled for full operation:

  • exif
  • imagick (PECL)
  • mysqli


Copy config.php.dist to config.php and set-up the constants contained in the file.


For development purposes, simply run the server script provided in the root of this repository. This will start a PHP development server on hashru.local:8080.

For a production environment, please set up a proper PHP-FPM environment instead.


Pull requests are welcome over at the HashRU Gitea.


The HashRU Pics repository is licensed with a BSD 3-clause license, as is Kabuki CMS.